Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Seaside Misery

The water droplets spread across his chest and arms radiated a sensuality I just couldn't ignore. I plunged into the sea next to him, pushing above the surface inches away from his steady form. He waded there, in front of me, simply watching. His eyes, the most beautiful brown I have ever seen, warm and spicy like cinnamon or nutmeg, drenched my body in the most delicious heat. I held it there to my chest, never wanting to let it go. But I must let it go as his next words reminded me.

"I suppose you will be getting married tomorrow, then."

"I suppose."

William and I swam to shore and rested our naked bodies on the white sand, wrapped in front of his beach house like the Great Wall. If only it could keep me from the world forever.

"I suppose," I said again.

He rolled me half onto his chest and I buried my face in his skin. Oh, how I wished I could be immune to his scent, his taste, his sound! But no, I was doomed to feel his presence as strongly as I ever have now and forever.

We could never find stolen moments like these when I was married. It could never be. Never again could I hear his deep voice or feel his skin like this, so close to mine. With that ring came a house and that house was a whole country away.

This could never be again.

Inspired by Three Word Wednesday.


  1. Poor hubby to be. Let's hope he is getting his share now too!

  2. 'cinnamon and nutmeg' eyes..all things nice..maybe it's enticing because tomorrow it will be gone..another great piece..Jae

  3. can't help but to question the power of choices... great story!!!

  4. a moment captured in bits of regret and memory - nicely done.