Monday, July 18, 2011

Captivating Light

The stranger glided closer. Winds circled around to push Rose forward, whipping golden hair into her eyes. The strands were shining, blinding. Rose clamped her eyes shut but couldn't resist another peek at the man's purple-grey eyes. They beckoned her soul to rising. It slid up into her heart but Rose fought back. She wrenched herself free from the winds, pulling into the shadows where the man's light could not reach. But it could reach her there. She found out when his moonlight danced under the cover of darkness, illuminating her sanctuary with its obscene glow. That glow was there in his eyes, too. Obscene and leering. Smiling. He knew he would win. She knew it too. She didn't want to but she did. The man stepped into the shadows and chased the rest away like fire and rats. Scurrying away. Her shadows. He tipped her face up with a finger under her chin. Rose looked into those purple-grey eyes and forgot everything. The world. The danger. Her own life. All forgotten. The man tightened his grip and pulled her face up higher. He smiled and a breeze carried the rest of her soul out from her throat, loosened by the look in his eyes. Her soul slid up, up, up and out past trembling lips, falling into the void.

Inspired by Sunday Scribblings.


  1. I could picture this scene much atmosphere and tension between these two unnamed characters..great ever..Jae

  2. This is beautiful, albeit a little scary.

    Thanks for sharing.