Saturday, June 25, 2011

Christmas Joy

Emily tore through the presents under the tree, her claws ripping into gift wrap and tissue paper and tossing it all aside like a rag doll. She did get a doll actually. From her Aunt Ruth. Too bad she was too old for dolls.

The porcelain doll hit the floor with a thud, her little face cracking down the middle. When Emily had finished opening cameras, clothes, and jewellery, she turned on her parents like a wolf.

"Is that all there is?"

Her mom blinked away tears and her dad glared at her.

"You've been given over twenty gifts, even one from Santa--"

"You mean you."

Her dad frowned.

"Isn't that enough?"

Inspired by Carry on Tuesday and Sunday Scribblings.


  1. Ooh, 'her claws' were a good descriptor..can you imagine the little cherub she will become as she gets older..poor mum and dad..Jae

  2. What an absolutely awful child, but sadly becoming the 'norm' in this enlightened 21st. century.

  3. Alas, this is now the world in which we live in!

  4. agree with Altonian. Spoiled and unnappreciative seem to be the majority.

  5. I've seen a few of those parties in my time. I have taught my children to say thank you for a gift, before, they open it.

  6. Ewwww she's a brat! Well described!

  7. Sometimes more than enough is not enough. What an ungrateful child.

  8. elegant,

    love the insights and the compactness.

  9. It is sad to say, but I have seen and heard of this modern reaction, far too often. Nicely captured ~~