Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Siren's Lament

I skidded across the water's surface. My power incensed the siren. I could feel her watery hands grasping and clutching but always missing.

My legs grew tired. My power began to wane. The faint lullaby in the damp air pulsed greedily on what skill remained and I began to sink below the unforgiving surface. I could feel the siren drawing closer. I could feel her nails in my skin and the scales of her bosom as she held me close.

Her song wrapped me in a vicious lullaby as I drowned.


  1. Oh this was brilliantly are so skilled at flash-fiction..not many people can create such complete worlds and stories in 3 paragraphs..Jae

  2. Creepy... but brilliant.such power in three simple paragraphs

  3. Eerie and so beautifully written. Loved it! My submissions are Nightmares and Jealousy

  4. I barely noticed the prompt words until I went back and read it again. Very nicely done.